Limited Edition Belle Epoque Ring - update: SOLD OUT

Limited Edition Belle Epoque Ring - update: SOLD OUT
Announcing our Limited Edition Belle Epoque ring - our most amazing statement ring ever! This magnificent octagonal button, made in Paris in the 1860s, has a glorious blossom framed with handmade rivets.
Since the original mold is lost to time, we've recreated our own and cast the original button in solid recycled bronze. The result is stunning. While totally luxe, this ring is also waterproof and can be worn gardening or in the ocean. 
Each bronze button is set on a sterling silver band style of your choosing either carved floral band or classic adjustable sterling silver band. Here is the floral sterling band:
limited edition luxe belle epoque paris ring
Our sturdy adjustable sterling silver band is no compromise on quality - but allows for those little variations in finger size caused by cycles and seasons.
We only have a limited quantity in stock - just 20.
Limited Edition rings ship by March 15th in time for Spring Equinox.
I can't wait to hear how much you love yours!

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