DIY Backyard Makeover on a Budget!

DIY Backyard Makeover on a Budget!

Our yard has been a perplexing dust lot for a while now. We have never wanted expansive lawns, what with living in California. This weekend we finally deployed the magic of mulch and created a lovely sitting area.

We used broken flagstone from around the garden and with 5 bags of mulch and a few bags of gravel... BAM! 

Johnny and I got the upcycled junk dodo bird at the Mendocino Arts Center on one of our first trips as an engaged couple, my cousin made the burl bowl-turned-succulent planter. The wine barrel sphere, placed ever so specifically by Phoebe, was traded for a typewriter key bracelet a show more than a decade ago and the lawn chair belonged to my grandfather, who died when I was 17- built to last!

I didn't want to spend any money on landscaping, so I split off succulents, lambs ear, yarrow, Santa Barbara daisy and a few others to transform the mound of dust along the edge into a some semblance of landscaping. 

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