Jewelry Care - Sterling Silver and Bronze Jewelry

We work with Sterling Silver and Bronze in our work - both are recycled. We do not use plating because of its large environmental footprint and have chosen to work with solid metals for reasons of quality and ethics. Both Sterling Silver and Bronze are durable, easy to clean, and will last for years with proper care.

sterling silver and bronze jewelry care

We love Bronze because it has a beautiful warm color that pairs with gold and is one of the earliest metals used in jewelry. Bronze is an alloy made of copper and tin. It's history reaches back through millennia and inspired important trade routes in the ancient world.

Due of the copper content, Bronze can oxidize in combination with moisture, creating a greenish layer of copper carbonate on skin – this usually occurs with rings, so we work with sterling silver bands to eliminate this issue. If you plan to wear your necklace in the water or ocean, we recommend 14k gold filled chains over gold plated chains for our necklaces. Chlorine can dull your piece significantly, but it will polish right up. Bronze pendants worn over your clothes won't oxidize because they aren't in contact with your skin oils. If this is an issue, a simple fix is to coat only the inside or back of your piece with clear nail polish. This creates a barrier, preventing oxidation and can be done about once per week on items worn daily. You can also minimize oxidation by removing jewelry at night.

Sterling silver, bronze and brass tarnish over time. The patina that develops is your metal's conversation with time and many enjoy the aesthetic. We recommend cleaning as desired with a polishing cloth like Sunshine, taking care not to scrub the corners too deeply, or your piece will lose its texture and contrast. Polishing cloths work also work fairly well, but can take a little elbow grease

We happily wear our pieces every day. 

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