Layering Necklace Length Guide

Find the perfect necklace length and layering combinations with our length chart. Keep in mind that depending on your perfect and beautiful frame  shape, bust size etc, lengths will fall slightly differently on your body. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like guidance about choosing layering lengths that will work for you.
Use our necklace extenders to add versatility to your existing chains. 
layering necklace length chart guide
Choose lengths with 2-4 inches of difference between layers. Remember, if you're layering a longer pendant (like our teaspoons), give it at least 6 inches of space. 
Length combinations that work well together:
Three layers: 
 16" and 18" and 22"  or 18" and 22" and 24"
layering vintage charm necklaces
Two layers:
16" and 20" or 22"
18" with a 22" or 24"
Add Distance for Drama:
Here is a 16" with a 28"
layering necklace guide
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