Saying So Long to Antique Buttons (mostly)

Saying So Long to Antique Buttons (mostly)
I am focusing on small joys. Perhaps it is just adulthood or perhaps some collective fatigue of living through the pandemic, but it feels hard to get ahead, to feel rested and restored. So I am finding a place to exist in simple joys. I accompanied Phoebe's 2nd grade class to a farm for a field trip yesterday. The calming delight of holding a warm chicken egg, petting a newborn sheep, dipping empty yogurt containers into a pond to look for damselfly larvae. It was good. (Though I truly could not survive as a 2nd grade teacher. My word, we need to pay our teachers more!) I also did my first spinning class ever last week and plan to go again. Quite frankly, I will continue to feel like a champion pretty much for the next 6 months. Don't forget to celebrate the little things. They matter.
Now for the big news. I’ve worked with original antique buttons since the beginning of my jewelry journey more than a decade ago. It is time to begin moving on as I move into precious metals. I’ll always be in conversation with them, but I’m putting up most of the collection for sale, of which there is a lot. I will continue to work with a small set for Limited Edition and One of A Kind designs, but everything else is 35% off - NO CODE NEEDED! Shop Sunsetting and Discontinued designs.

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