Behind the scenes at our April photoshoot

Behind the scenes at our April photoshoot
Like many things in life, finding the right team of people makes all the difference. Come behind the scenes with me at our latest photoshoot!
I used to find photoshoots totally overwhelming. I am not fluent in the world of model procurement and styling and location scouting. But then I was introduced by my friend Kyla (Impressed by Nature flower jewelry) to the talented Arabela Espinoza of Weekend Creative. She knows locations all over the Bay Area, connections with the California-sustainable brand Redemption clothing, and a network of beautiful and empowered people like Olivia Irene, who has her own clothing line and designed one of the black blouses we used in the shoot.
We met in the Garden at the Egyptian Museum in San Jose. It is a totally surreal experience to walk through a garden gateway into a full Egyptian style temple, or at least the late 1960s American version....
I wanted to capture photos of designs I introduced this year as well as some designs I'll introduce this summer. We invited ancient gravity, feminine power and ancestral connection. I planned out each look with notes, which got rather wrinkled during the shoot. 
photoshoot notes
We wore masks, except the model. Just to be safe.
Olivia did her own hair and makeup and we combined forces for wardrobe - some pieces from Olivia's personal collection and clothing line Rio by O, a sheer kimono from Jennafer Grace, a few pieces from Redemption. Each look was an organic collaborative decision process. When I had strong feelings about a certain look, I spoke up. When I felt like something needed to change, we did it. It was fluidity and creative flow at her finest.
egyptian museum san jose
Arabela is profoundly talented. A master of transforming my ideas and wishes into actuality. The way she talks to the models is transfixing, comforting, empowering. Olivia was a natural. A mother and clothing designer and artist.
With jewelry, it's so important to remember to GET IN CLOSE. Arabela did an amazing job capturing those details I need. Everything has to be facing the right way. A stunning photograph is useless if the necklace is flipped over or the earring is obscured by a lock of hair or jacket collar.
It was a beautiful experience. 90 minutes of creative flow.
Here are a few of Arabela's final shots:

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