How to Make Metal Stamped Vintage Key Jewelry in 4 easy steps!

How to Make Metal Stamped Vintage Key Jewelry in 4 easy steps!

This easy step by step tutorial will show you how to make your own stamped vintage key necklace, keychain, bookmark or keepsake! Our Key Word DIY activity is a fun 10 minute activity using basic project planning and metalworking skills. The result is a necklace, keychain, bookmark or keepsake charm with a word to remind you of something important, or comedic, or affirming. 

diy word metal stamp key project

Using vintage keys from doors, roller skates, post office boxes, and suitcases in a variety of shapes, you can create your own word project using letter stamps in just a few easy steps.

Project Materials:

diy metal stamp key word project

Step 1: Plan 

Working with the stamp-able space on the key, you can use a dry erase marker - or even a pencil to plan the letter spacing BEFORE you start stamping.

Ideas: Names, affirmation words, sweetheart initials, anniversary date

2. Stamp!

Line up the metal stamp and give it a solid whack. Repeat.

Step 3: Contrast (Optional)

You can use a black permanent pen to ink over the letters - then polish with a dishtowel to add contrast to your lettering.

Step 4: Finish your Project

If you are making a keepsake treasure - you're done! Use a simple cord or ribbon to create a necklace or bookmark. 


vintage key bookmark

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