Family History + Genealogy + Heirloom Jewelry

Family History + Genealogy + Heirloom Jewelry

It's probably no surprise I'm a genealogy and family history lover. Recently a second cousin posted this photo of my dad's father's mother's mother - Martha Isabel Burt born in New York in 1849 while the Gold Rush raged in California and just 3 years after the first sewing machine was patented in the US. She was the first generation of my family to attend school. She lived briefly in San Francisco on Castro Street in 1920 with my grandpa when he was five.

Her jewelry is amazing!!!! This photo was probably taken around 1870 and the style and Victorian chandelier style is luscious. Her style, of course, sits at the center of our jewelry inspiration. I love the 1860 through 1880s in particular -  

Tell me if you see any resemblance! I think eyebrow shape for sure. I've always loved my eyebrows and now I know who to thank.

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