Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry

Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry

Our Limited Edition vintage typewriter key jewelry is handmade with genuine antique typewriter keys from broken typewriters. Don't worry, typewriters are far from dead - they're still produced and used the world over. A few years back we were given a bunch of keys by one customer at a show and another came back and gave us a Royal - she's beautiful, works and now lives in our living room. 

vintage antique royal typewriter in working order

Our typewriter jewelry is LIMITED EDITION because we only work with broken typewriters and finding one that is both in usable condition and beyond repair is a challenge. 

vintage typewriter keys

We believe in honoring the legacy and life of the antiques we encounter. This means we use sterling silver settings to create the perfect combination of modern and vintage. We want our vintage typewriter jewelry to be classy not clunky and our designs feature the keys themselves on classic sterling silver designs.

Our typewriter rings are handcrafted with sturdy but slender hammered sterling silver bands - made from recycled metal.

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