Backstage at Compass Rose Design

We've been traveling every weekend doing shows for the last EIGHT weekends and it's SO nice to be home! Time to recover, rest, clean shop and give some love to our withering garden. Of course - family first! We took the first few days after a great summer season to introduce our nephew to backpacking. He's seven - right at that perfect age where he wants to be a skater but also likes holding hands. His finger puppet squirrel was a constant companion.  

Finally had time to deep clean the studio and really get organized! We're in the camp that celebrates creative organized organic chaos, albeit regulated. See this great article on creative spaces or the PBS American Masters Documentary on Charles and Ray Eames for further evidence that "clean" isn't "better." But it sure is pleasant.

I tend to have several projects going at once, but we separate work spaces by medium - beading, chain and wire, metalwork etc.

We work with a million tiny pieces. We love what we do.

Drills, punches, hammers and protective eyewear - tools of the trade!

ok friends, back to work!

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