Home Improvement: DIY Repurposed Hanging Pot Racks

We're finally finished with summer shows and have some time to do fall cleaning and some projects around the house. Item one - hanging pot rack to free up some cabinet space in the kitchen. 

A good pot rack is hard to find. I've been researching pot racks online for a while and they seem to fall into 3 main categories:

1. Fancy There are the fancy upscale heavy duty iron behemoths that run $400-1500. If I lived in a chateau or had a giant kitchen and was filthy rich - maybe but probably not. 

2. Generic  Then there's the basic models available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Macys, Target, etc, all made overseas, and all overpriced for the quality at $50-350. Still to expensive for something not that interesting:



3. Etsy  And, then there's etsy, which had lots of great options if you like things that are bulky or made from recycled ladders.  Some were interesting, but too bulky or too industrial or too vintage. 

SO - we decided to head to our local hardware store, which also has a vintage/junk/recycling area, to see if we could find an interesting piece of wood. We spent about half an hour sifting through old banisters and doors and every manner of junk and came out with nothing. There was one last room to check with indoor furniture. I'd previously found a panel from a Victrola phonograph that continues to delight, so we figured it was worth a look. We were rewarded!

First, among the old picture frames and tool boxes and an assortment of lamp bases, was a piece of iron wood crown molding. It's a center cut piece with hand cut front detail and you can still see the tool cuts - at least a century old. Bargain price, $30. Then, hanging on a rack of crummy aluminum levels was an antique wooden level with faded aqua paint. One of the three glass vials was busted but the other two were intact and it had beautiful brass hardware. Bargain price of $3.

We picked out some basic hardware and went to work, well, Johnny went to work. We spaced the eye-hooks about 7 inches apart. 


Final Result: The ironwood crown molding:

and the vintage level:

Two of the glass vials still have bubbles in them - the effect is fantastic. The faded grey blue goes well in the kitchen. 

We're really happy with the result! Functional repurposed items that are not overwhelming. More storage in the cabinets and easy access to the pots and pans we use most. 

Making our space more functional and enjoyable makes me want to be productive! 

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