Summer Road Trips: Renegade LA, Urban Air Market PDX

We've been traveling a lot this summer and loving it. We had a fantastic time in Los Angeles at Renegade Craft Fair. Despite the 90 degree heat and humidity, we completely enjoyed the weekend. 

And of course, since we love beer, we enjoyed visiting a couple local startup breweries including Eagle Rock Brewing and a local gastropub, York

After some catch up in the studio, we headed up to Portland for Urban Air Market. The event was right along the river with fantastic views of downtown and, well, everything.

One of the aspects we love about being on the road is connecting with people. It's been a real joy to see all the kinds of folks who see themselves in our work. 

We continue to delight in the fact that our jewelry helps people feel confident, beautiful and to honor their past relatives and memories. 

check out our events schedule for upcoming shows!

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