Custom Project #27 - Wedding Charm Bracelet

Last week, I got a thick package in the mail. Inside were a collection of travel tokens collected for a best friend's wedding. The bride and groom love vintage - not faux vintage, but the real thing. They're getting married in an old train station and arriving in a beautiful old Studebaker, restored by the groom himself. I love this couple - even having never met them, I adore them and was honored to work on the project!

We kept it simple - starting with the tokens from Santa Cruz, San Diego, Sacramento, San Mateo and Crescent City, all from significant places in the couple's love story. 

My goal was to make a keepsake bracelet with just the right balance of artifacts and comfort. I added several treasures to balance the bracelet:

- An antique keepsake case key from the Paris flea market
- two Victorian buttons (1860-1920) for a touch of sparkle and story
- a two-sided vintage typewriter charm with the bride and groom's initials
- 1880's inspired clock clasp to celebrate many years together

So happy with how this turned out! 

Do you have a family treasure you'd like to make wearable?

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