Sometimes life really gives you lemons. Last week, after our annual hometown faire, the Fairfax Festival, someone broke into our car and stole most of our show stock. SO MUCH work is gone. It's one of those moments in life where you have to make a decision. Stay calm. Freak out. All of the above. I feel thankful that my daughters 2nd favorite monkey was passed over. No one is hurt. We've certainly lost a lot - hours of work, but instead of falling into a pot of despair, we are simply moving forward. Exercising resilience. Choosing (trying) to not spin out. 

Perhaps it is the wisdom of perspective that comes with 41 years of life on this planet but instead of spending a week in a grief hangover, this has been a humbling experience of being open to change.

So a strange thing happened. I was positive that I'd spend the week alternating between a grief hangover and mental visits to the pit of despair. Instead, we opened ourselves up and shared with you and you came with hugs and open arms. A feeling of loss was replaced with a tide of love and affirmation that was difficult to know how to absorb. Thank you to each of you who got some delightful treasures during our Resilience Sale and helped us rebuild. We have a show in 2 weeks in Eugene and we will be ready. I also have a few amazing new pieces to share with you - Cicada necklaces and a new batch of Victorian watch fobs with gemstones - read on!  

We've been making new displays:

Antiquing with purpose:

We've never been so pressured or so productive or so inspired. Even Phoebe is helping.

daughter helping in the workshop




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