Gift Guide for Maker Dads

Gift Guide for Maker Dads

We live in a time of fantastic and present dads - raising children who dream to be makers and astronauts and engineers AND who want to be nice people. Here are a few delightful handmade gifts to give to the creative dad in your life to say - hey, you are doing a good job. 

All our vintage button pins are great for hats, lapels and bags - versatile gifts at a great price.

steampunk mens vintage button hat and lapel pins

vintage button pin lapel hat pin

Men love our bezel-set clockwork rings - custom made to size - or our selection of vintage button rings. 

mens steampunk rings

Our handmade cufflinks are a thoughtful way to accessorize the well-dressed man in your life with a pair of interesting cufflinks with story and style. 

Check out our Modern Vintage cufflinks - made from vintage buttons in sterling silver and bronze.

modern vintage steampunk industrial cufflinks 

We have Railroad Date Nail cufflinks - handcrafted from real antique date nails.

 railroad date nail cufflinks

Find your hometown or favorite railroad in our collection of genuine Travel Button cufflinks - made with uniform buttons from 1870-1970.

railroad uniform vintage button cufflinks

Steampunk or fan of history or engineering? Clockwork cufflinks are a perfect match (we had a pair featured in Vogue, Italy!) 

steampunk cufflinks 

shop compass rose design

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