In the Studio: Tulip Teaspoon

In the Studio: Tulip Teaspoon

Here is a behind the scenes look at one of our upcoming vintage teaspoon designs. I realize I've never shared more about the process. 

This piece was actually a pickle fork made by Fessenden & Company. Originally founded in the 1850s as Whiting Fessenden & Cowan, the name was changed in 1858 to Wm. P. Fessenden & Co then Fessenden & Company in 1860. The company was out of business by the 1920s. 

Maybe it's odd, but before I begin reworking a piece and asking it to come on a journey together with me into a wearable artifact that will be treasured - I thank the makers and acknowledge the unrecognized. And then we begin. 


Our signature style is to have the flower cutout to accentuate the shape - this also makes the pieces lighter so we can wear them as earrings. 

handmade teaspoon necklace tulip


What's a pickle fork? It's a wee fork with sharp tines and a barbed center to hold on to the pickles.

pickle fork


Here is the final version - ready to go to the caster. 


teaspoon jewelry collectioon

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