My Great-Grandmother's Lace Hat

My Great-Grandmother's Lace Hat

Most of you will know I am Dutch (at least my better half). My mom was born in Rotterdam in 1947 and came from people who rose out of the sea, wind and mud in the southwestern most bits of the Netherlands. Land claimed from the sea in a centuries long conversation between the elements. Fun fact, there are also ancient altars made in honor of the goddess NEHALLENIA, who was honored along the Scheldt River from source to sea. They have washed up after the great storms along the banks in villages in Zeeland. Offerings were made for protection from the powerful sea and harsh weather.  

When you think of Holland - you think of the outfit from one area - Volendam. In actuality, there are more than ten super specific regional outfits communicating messages about marital status, class, mourning, religion and level of casualness from work clothes to "Sunday Dress". A sample from an old book I have:


klederdracht in netherlands

Here is my mom's dad's oldest sister, Catharina in the regional costume of Zeeland, where both of my mom's parents have roots. 

zeeland klederdracht

But regional dress died out by the time my mother's mother's mother, Marie was born in Rotterdam in the 1890s. But that point it was nearly but not quite novelty. People wore black socks and practical clothing but my Oma knew how to make lace, as did her mother. And that is how I came by this hat. I don't know who made it, but someone did - each hole representing strings set down around pins at a lace making table, my word what a lot of work. 

dutch traditional klederdracht cap volendam

Here is a close up of the Lace Hat. There are three distinct lace styles.

dutch hat lace
And another view of the lace.
dutch hat lace handmade


Here I am!

creek in dutch hat 

Here is a close up of the flannel skirt, black wool and floral apron, which also has a matching piece that covers the chest above the blouse. 

klederdracht textiles

Here is another close up of the floral pattern.

klederdracht apron

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