Oakland - San Francisco Key System - a bit of Bay Area History

I've been collecting antique coins and vintage travel tokens since a was young. I finally spotted a couple from the Oakland Key System and the East Bay Railways, both early trolley companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Trolley service began in the East Bay in 1890. Several early companies consolidated in to the Oakland Transit Co. in 1898. Over time the smaller lines were added until the system came under the San Francisco-Oakland Railway in 1912. In 1924, it became the Key System in 1924.

In 1930, the local lines were turned to a wholly owned subsidiary, East Bay Street Railroad then the East Bay Transit in 1936. In 1942 everything was again consolidated under the Key System name. Though the last street cars ran in 1948, the cross bay trains continued to operate across the Bay Bridge until 1958.

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