Bespoke Heirloom Jewelry - 1950s edition

We all have special heirlooms that we keep hidden away in the corners of drawers and small boxes. These tiny objects tell our family story, remind us of a Grandmother's laugh, a mother's scent. We find great joy in rescuing these items from the confines of a drawer and making these memories wearable!

Recently we met a wonderful woman at the Kinetic Carnival who had a box of her husband's high school sports awards from the 1950s. Her sweetheart is gone now and she wanted to take the keepsakes out of the drawer and wear these keepsakes that remind her of her husband.


Our goal was to take a heap of awards in a box and make them into a selection of wearable memories.

The main piece was a statement charm necklace with an adjustable chain so the necklace can be worn high or over a turtleneck. 

With so many charms, I made an opera length necklace in silver and brass..

and an elegant pendant worn at the neckline. 

I'm thrilled with the results, but more importantly - so is she!!!!'


We love what we do...


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