Men's Steampunk Collection - Alamo Square Flea Market & Indie Mart - Daft Crafts

New - Exclusively for him! So, I've noticed that men like wearing jewelry, but I think that the mix of women's and unisex necklaces can - well, freak some of them out. Is it for guys, is it for girls?, they ponder. Also, I've gotten some feedback, mostly from my tolerant husband, that chains get caught in chest hair and men have larger necks than ladies (on the whole). So - I've started doing more cord style necklaces in an array of upcycled and reclaimed pieces - railroad luggage tags, clockwork beetles, and yes, a vintage R2D2 pendant.

This weekend is the Alamo Square Flea Market - plus some Indie Mart folks - a perfect nexus of antiques, salvaged whatnot, yummie vittles and lots of handmade and upcycled goods. The variety of quality and origin is wonderful - for the foragers among us, you can score the perfect undiscovered weird piece of something, or get cute finished handtowels, soap and jewelry. I'm bringing a new collection of men's necklaces and lots of reworked vintage cameos. The event is Saturday, August 20th from 9am until 3pm at Alamo Square. Come shop, eat, oogle, explore, and visit!

Happy to announce another out of state gallery! The kind folks at Daft Crafts in Independence, Missouri are now carrying the Compass Rose Design Jewelry collection! They've been super kind and wonderful and it feels wonderful to be working with another independent art designer maker crafter space.

Also just got an invitation from a new barbershop - gift shop - boutique in Portland, Oregon called The Modern Man. I love combination ventures. My favorite one was in Lewisburg, West Virginia - also coincidentally a part barbershop - plus a knitting supply shop and new age book store. If I remember right, you could get coffee as well. Nothing short of heaven. I'll post more details about the Modern Man when they're up and running.

Lastly - another moment with my garden - I am THRILLED that we might actually get a pomegranate!

Curious about what shows are coming up? Check my events page.

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