Extreme Summer Marketplace, I love Indie Mart, and Hops in the Garden.

I'm really grateful for the community aspect of this work. I adore the hours of time alone with my ideas, trays of old keys and cameos, soldering, weaving with metal. But I LOVE show season - the summer months that stretch into fall where I appreciate both my amazing customers and the clever organizers of events and marketplace craftiness. The marketplace interaction - direct from maker to appreciator, whether bread or a bracelet - is one of the oldest community interactions in this human family.

I've gotten back into cameos. They are quite an investment on my end, but I love watching all the antique pieces find their home, almost seeking out their new owner for the next life of memories. It's really rather profound and beautiful watching folks interact with them. I started making a few new designs with long hanging tassels that can be worn long or wrapped double. I like that versatility in my pieces when possible - it really changes how you feel wearing the piece.

The San Anselmo Art & Wine Festival was rather a delight, it's my hometown and people were incredibly supportive. The two-day show was a marathon, but the commute was 7 minutes. I loved this guy's old school phone adapter for his mobile.

It's been interesting to visit with folks at all sorts of events and see the collection resonate across age groups and marketplaces. This summer has been one of extremes - from fancy wine festivals, diy hip maker events, to full scale flea market - people have received us well.

Indiemart end of July outside Thee Parkside was next. Indiemart is one of my favorite markets. People tend to simplify the Indiemart phenomenon as a hipster event, but it is much, much more. Kelly and the entire team of mostly volunteers - are rockstars of clever. But not inaccessible rockstars, they are people doing real things out of creative passion, purpose, and a diligent commitment to a different relationship with stuff, time, work, and each other.

I appreciate Indimart's realization of a we-can-do-it-ourselves universe and the creation of a place for people like me - it makes my livelihood possible. Possible for me to employ my skills and to make a lifestyle and employment option I love. I deeply and profoundly love what I do and people like Kelly and all the gallery owners I work with.

Next up is Alamo Square Indie Mart, Saturday, August 20th - a delightful convergence of antiquers and makers - another favorite.

And though random, I am too thrilled not to post a photo of our hops that finally are bearing fruit, as it were.

Curious about what shows are coming up? Check my events page.

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