Victorian Buttons, Victorian Ladies and Luscious Inspiration

I am increasingly drawn back to the original jewelry designs and the world of these buttons in their original incarnation. In celebration of the bosoms upon which these buttons began collecting their stories - I offer a few of the favorite antique button images I came across.

You can just imagine the layers of corsets and undergarments! It's also no surprise that I come across repeats of some designs. With so many matching buttons - it's inevitable.

Oh... rigid relaxation.....

I like the collar buttons on the one below - as if buttons all up the front were not sufficient.

Buttons on the side..

I love seeing some of the larger buttons - and the high level of detail.

...or both sides....

Throw in some feathers, and we're good to go!

I just got a fabulous lot of Victorian and antique picture buttons at an antique fair and am excited about the new designs swirling around in my head.

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The necklace above I made with an intricate garden Butterfly design accented with two shades of shimmering green Czech glass beads.

This fabulous button has a highly detailed dragon or griffin - how mythic!

Always a fan of natural scenes - this sparkling cattail button has glinting faceted marcasite bits set off by the mix of gold and bronze tones.

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