Spring Sale, Etsy Front Page and Buzzing Bees

First things first - Compass Rose Design Jewelry made the etsy front page with the men's steampunk compass money clip.

Sort of exciting since I just did a custom order of 8 money clips for a bridal party in California.

I've been big into insects - bees and butterflies abound! Perhaps it is the blossoming cherry trees and the arrival of the pollinators that has given me the bug, as it were :)

To celebrate the almostness of spring, I'm launching a spring sale for those clever enough to take advantage of 20% off my etsy store pricing - it's insane -it's wholesale - it's almost spring!!! Use discount code ASPRING20 for your discount!!

10% off my direct Compass Rose Design shop w/ RCRD10

Visit the Compass Rose Design website for upcoming events and discounts

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