Santa Fe Road Trip

Santa Fe is one of our favorite places. It is old in a way that swallows you up and reminds you that the Boston Tea Party and the Gold Rush are rather recent. After a great Renegade Craft Faire in Austin, Texas, we headed to Santa Fe to unwind for a few days. 

It's a beautiful old city, where the stubbornness of history perseveres in spite of kitsch and caricature.

The collision of Spanish Empire and indigenous Pueblo cultures and the United States has left a tragic but often beautiful cultural landscape in its wake.

As an unexpected surprise, we ended up having small collections of our work invited into two galleries in Santa Fe!

Gallery Cruz on Canyon Road.

and POP Gallery Downtown on Lincoln St.

After Santa Fe, we visited Petroglyph National Monument on a whim, which was oddly located the sprawling growth of suburban track developments that have enveloped it. But the experience of how recent America really is, in the grand scheme of things, is always humbling to remember. 

And we stopped at the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. We always enjoy road trips and the unexpected adventures they bring. This trip inspired a great deal of thought and inspiration about the type of creative work we want to do and the vision for our small business.  

and Pecos National Historic Monument

and Billy the Kid's grave, which is sad because of the Fort Sumner history,

but had this fantastic antique phone operator station. 

We OF COURSE did some antiquing along the way - and came back with an assortment of treasures to make into wearable keepsakes!

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