Renegade Austin - Top 5 List

We're back from our trip to Austin for Renegade Craft Fair. It's the farthest we've travelled for a show and the first time either Johnny or I had been farther east than Santa Fe. In short - we had an amazing time.  

The people were fantastic and the neighborhoods outside downtown were delightful. We stayed off Southern Congress, which is basically not so different from Portland or Santa Cruz or Eugene.

Some of our favorites things about Austin:

1. Cow Skulls  

They really were everywhere.

Fantastic Yards & Yard Art

I loved that a lot of the houses in neighborhoods outside downtown had art and interesting fixtures with an industrial flair. Some were more artsy and some were refined - all pretty fantastic.  

I loved this tumbled beach glass used as gravel.

3. Tex Mex - a different flavor than New Mexico or California! 

Here's a great blog about Austin Street Style during SXSW

4. Cowboy boots and vintage clothing to die for!

Of course we stopped at Allen Boots. Here is where I discovered that my taste far outweighs my budget. 

The SoCo district was full of fantastic vintage shops. 

5. Food Trucks! Torchy's Tacos was totally a favorite and was just a couple blocks from where we stayed so we became fast friends. The food truck scene was way ahead of San Francisco and much closer to Portland in the variety and quality.

Fried Chicken and BBQ, also just as good as we'd hoped! And the craft beer selection was extensive, even at tiny restaurants and holes in the wall. 

In short - if you have the chance to go - do it!!! 

Stay tuned for details about our trip to Santa Fe and the Painted Desert.



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