Philadelphia Handcrafted - Creek goes to Philly!

Philadelphia Handcrafted - Creek goes to Philly!

I'm just back from the American Handcrafted Trade Show - one of the last remaining large shows where gallery owners, museums and other shops who VALUE handmade gather to connect. 

It was warm for Philly, but I forgot my scarf so here I am using a pair of tights to stay warm:

I only had a bit of time to walk around after I finished setting up my booth (picture below) so I wandered around City Hall

Here are some moments:

Then I went and got food for the week: a fresh baguette and Manchego, citrus Soul Food and Amish Yogurt. I lived well. 

Next time, I think I'll go a day early so I can visit the Barnes Foundation and the Fabric Workshop and Textile Museum.

And here is me looking very professional ;) at my booth

I daresay, I fell in love with Philadelphia,

 shop compass rose design

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