Modern Heirlooms

Modern Heirlooms

Here's a look into our process. We love finding a second life for antiques by creating something that will be treasured and appreciated. Often we come across pieces of such quality that I started setting them aside. We've taken some of our favorite antique buttons and cast them in sterling silver and bronze so we can all enjoy them AND the quality is lasting. Our Modern Heirlooms Jewelry collection combines the history we love with the durability we need in our lives.

For a while, I was hesitant to do any casting because of the idea of reproductions. Two things changes my mind.

The first is the rarity and preciousness. We come across some exquisite button designs, rich with beauty and history. We're not even working with buttons that are terribly rare, but I found myself setting aside buttons that I LOVED - buttons that seemed to want to be treasured. Casting both preserves the design and makes it so we can all enjoy it - rather than having these buttons just sit in a box on the shelf. 

The second benefit is is durability. Many of the most beautiful buttons are made with thin layers of pressed pewter or brass surrounding a cardboard core. Some of the materials - wood, metal or shell - break easily and cannot get wet. You can see the lily flower to the right of the anchor in the top row of the photo below - it's one of my favorite buttons, but the original has a backing that is disintegrating. By casting it in sterling silver, we've preserved the design. Now we have designs that can be work in modern life - complete with gardening, showers and the rest life has to offer

Here is one of my favorites, the lovebirds - original, raw sterling silver casting and oxidized casting. This is another extremely delicate button with a fantastic design. 

Work in progress...

Finished Modern Heirloom Jewelry

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