Jewelry for Gardeners

Jewelry for Gardeners

Our sturdy sterling silver Modern Heirlooms rings are perfect for gardeners. It wasn't our explicit goal to create more durable jewelry by working with precious metals and casting our antique buttons, but it's delightful to have sturdy but delicate-looking jewelry, that is waterproof!

I love to garden but I hate gardening gloves and I never remember to take off my rings before I garden. I love the feeling of the dirt in my hands. I make jewelry that can go in the dirt and mud and wash off clean. Jewelry you can sleep or shower in. Jewelry that lets me easily wash off my toddler's rejected banana. Jewelry nice enough and sturdy enough that you can pass it to the next generation, but not so precious that the loss would haunt me. 

Are you a gardener - or just love flowers? You'll love our In the Garden Collection.

sturdy waterproof botanical jewelry for gardeners 

Check out our sterling silver rings - perfect for people who get their hands in the dirt or moms with babies who are taking a break from earrings but still want to wear jewelry. Our rings are waterproof and wearable while gardening or in the shower!

sturdy jewelry for gardeners and parents

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