Jewelry for Bee Keepers, Farmers and Gardeners

jewelry for bee keepers farmers gardeners

We get great feedback from beekeepers, farmers and gardeners about our silver and bronze bee jewelry. The Victorians LOVED botanical scenes and insect adornments. Honey bees and beehives, beetles and dragonflies, flowers and butterflies of all sorts were the subject of many buttons in the 1860s.  Here are a few of bee and insects from our button collection.

antique victorian bee beehive insect buttons

Bees and insect are also the subject of several plates in our 1941 book, Button Classics, an encyclopedia and pricing guide.

1941 Button Classics insect buttons

We have cast several of our most treasured bee and garden buttons in sterling silver - check out our bee and flower jewelry made with real antique buttons.

honey bee jewelry for beekeepers and gardeners

Shown above from L to R:

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