In the Studio: Alightnment Earrings in Progress

In the Studio: Alightnment Earrings in Progress
Here is a look behind the scenes in our small workshop as we make samples for new collections. Here is the upcoming Alignment Earring in progress! 
brass pieces
We used to hammer everything. After injuring our shoulders and arms, we switched to a rolling mill to add texture. First, I felt like this make the pieces "less handmade." Now I know I'm working smart and I like the granite texture even better than the hammering. 
The granite stone texture we use shimmers like crystals. 
Each piece needs to be smoothed.
Then we hammer each piece with a rawhide hammer - this flattens the metal without making dents in the texture.
Then we tumble the lot and they are ready to be put together into the final designs. 


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