Charm Bracelet Project

Charm Bracelet Project

This is one of my favorite antique treasures from my personal collection - it's full of Edwardian and Victorian pieces, and I think the memento mori charm may be even older. 

antique edwardian charm bracelet

From left to right:

  • Victorian penny - 
  • Goldstone heart charm - 
  • Momento Mori charm with hanwriting fragment
  • Sorority charm with pearl inlay
  • Gold-filled heart charm
  • Neoclassical watch seal fob with carnelian stone

My daughter, Phoebe, almost five, really wanted to make her own so I turned her loose on the drawers and let her choose her own charms.

charm bracelet project

If you have some basic beading equipment, you can make your own!

You need:

  • beading pliers,
  • jump rings (5 or 6mm works great) 
  • A toggle clasp
  • 6-8 inches of larger link chain (or cut an old costume necklace)

Here is Phoebe's finished bracelet - the artist is pleased!

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