Pullman Trains and Nordic Silk Prints

Never let anyone tell you that you can't use a history degree. At Compass Rose Design we make industrial jewelry and sophisticated steampunk accessories with authentic antique objects, and people really notice. Last month, we were contacted by a super cool lady in Austin, Texas looking for a cool gift for her sweetheart. He's a train buff she was interested in one of our railroad button tie clips with a Pullman Railroad Button. 

It was a delight to be able to say - yes of course, they're real antique uniform buttons! In her reply, she mentioned he had one, which required a clarification - like, a real one? on rails? full size?

Yup! This is how he bought it....

And now they're in the process of restoring the original colors.

On another note, a good friend for mine from Marin Handmade, Heather from G Studio is making me a bag with some beautiful silk from a Nordic designer I had folded up in my closet - SOOO excited to see the final product! See more in-studio photos.
We've got several summer shows coming up in the Bay Area - San Anselmo Art & Wine Festival, Unique SF and more -  Check our Summer Events Calendar for upcoming California shows!

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