Creative Places, The Mission Statement and Craft Beer

Galleries, shops, storefronts, pubs - are all a reflection of their owners. The physical spaces of the mostly women artists where Compass Rose Design collections have landed are places of creative abandon, clever intuition, and endless possibility. I delight in the differing flavors of each - from urban chic to vintage elegance - each one is an experiential synergy of local creative forces worth entering and exploring.

Last week at the birthday party of an old friend - I met an awesome and incredibly stylish woman arrived fresh off her bicycle - named Helene - of Culture Consumer who is also a member of the Mission Statement in San Francisco. Lots of folks have recommended the Mission Statement to me - and all the stars aligned - and just a few days later, I met Estrella was dazzled by the assortment of amazing clothes and accessories. I am honored to be part of the collection at the Mission Statement. ! Estrella also has her own website for her Estrella Tadeo clothing designs and accessories - where you can see her art - a practical and contemporary but whimsical laboratory of artistry.

So in my other life - I am a brewer's wife and the president of a small craft beer company planning a production brewery. We're having our first public event serving homebrew on February 13th! Brian of is doing most of the leg work and is awesome.

Breweries of Tomorrow Nanobrewery Festival

February 13 from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
at the Social Kitchen and Brewery, 1326 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122

In honor of the event - I made a few pairs of beer bottle cap cuff links - a fun upcycled creation. They are listed in my etsy Compass Rose Design shop.

And some out of Monopoly Top Hats!

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Compass Rose Design Jewelry is a one woman artisan operation - handcrafted Victorian button jewelry, antique button jewelry, steampunk jewelry, and other upcycled accessories crafted with found objects and storied treasures.

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