Custom Project 29 - Upcycling Mom's broken watches

We were recently approached by one of our regular customers who had a plastic sandwich bag full of broken jewelry from her mother, including several lovely but broken watches and some other pieces. Her mother was still alive and she was looking to make custom projects for three generations in the family, grandmother, herself and her college-aged daughter. 


She remembered her mom wearing these timepieces, but none of them worked. We added two more movements to make a lovely watch bracelet, still one of my favorite designs.

One of the watches (not shown above) had lovely crystal inlay design. Even though some of the crystals were missing, it was full of sentiment. I added a coordinating Victorian button to make an eye-catching bracelet. She loved it!

The last piece in the set started as a fairly worn watch, not even of particularly high quality, but a family keepsake. We transformed this from a broken watch with a torn leather band, into an elegant gold and navy blue crystal set for her daughter.

The final product with matching earrings. 

Do you have a family treasure you'd like to make wearable?

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