Build Your Journey Charm Necklace

Build Your Journey Charm Necklace

Each of us is on our own journey. Build an opera length 32" charm necklace that tells your story. Wear long or double for a layered look! Follow the steps and click the button at the bottom or email me at CREEK(at) 

Simply Choose:

1. Chain color & style
2. Center Pendant 
3. add 1 or 2 charms of your choice
4. (optional) add a gemstone for a pop of color!

Prices start at $194 for Classic Silver Chain w/ a Center Pendant and One Charm 

journey charm necklaces

layering charm necklace

Step 1: Select your metal and chain:

  • Gold-filled OR Antiqued Silver
  • Classic OR thicker Ornate chain

Step 2: Select your Center Pendant:

  • C1 Hibiscus Vintage Teaspoon
  • C2 Poppy Vintage Teaspoon
  • C3 Columbine Vintage Teaspoon
  • C4 Redwood Tree Vintage Teaspoon
  • C5 Bay Bridge Vintage Teaspoon
  • C6 Oakland Vintage Teaspoon
  • C7 Golden Gate Bridge Vintage Teaspoon
  • C8 Vintage Keyhole (available in bronze only)

Step 3: Select your Charms
(Choose ANY or 1 or 2 from either charm set.)

Medium Charms:

  • M1: Acorn 1880s Drop Button
  • M2: Vintage Skeleton Key
  • M3: Antique Pocket Watch Key
  • M4: Vintage Heart Lock Love Charm
  • M5: Victorian Pocket Watch Engraved Gear
custom charm necklace

Small Charms:

  • 1: Fern/Nautilus Antique Button
  • 2: Lotus Antique Button
  • 3: Lily Antique Button
  • 4: Sunlight/Sunflower Antique Button
  • 5: Acorn Antique Button
  • 6. Lovebirds Antique Button
  • 7. Beehive Antique Button
  • 8. Nectar Antique Button
  • 9. Dragonfly Antique Button
  • 10. Trillium Vintage Teaspoon
  • 11. Anchor Vintage Button
  • 12. Moon Vintage Button
  • 13. Star Vintage Button
  • 14. Lightning Vintage Button
  • 15. Harmony Mandala Vintage Button
  • 16. Doves of Pliny Vintage Watch Fob Wax Seal
  • 17. Tea Chest Vintage Key
  • 18. Skeleton Key Vintage Button
  • 19. Triple Spiral Vintage Button
  • 20. Phoenix Vintage Button


Step 4. Optional: Add a gemstone:
Once you choose your charms, I'll add the gemstone to give your piece the perfect balance.

gemstone choices

That's it!

Here's an example:

  1. Silver, classic chain
  2. #C2 Poppy Vintage Teaspoon
  3. Charm 1: #16 Doves of Pliny Vintage Watch Fob Wax Seal
  4. Ruby gemstone


charm necklace


And another:

  1. Gold-filled, ornate chain
  2. # C2 Poppy Vintage Teaspoon
  3. Charm 1: #10 Trillium Vintage Teaspoon AND 
    Charm 2: #1 Acorn 1880s Drop Button
  4. Ruby gemstone

poppy charm necklace


And another:

  1. Silver, classic chain
  2. #C7: Golden Gate Vintage Teaspoon
  3. Charm 1: #11 Anchor vintage button
  4. Lapis gemstone



And another:

  1. Gold-filled, ornate chain
  2. #C8: Vintage Keyhole
  3. Charm 1: #M2: Vintage Skeleton Key;
    Charm 2: #M4: Vintage Heart Lock Charm
  4. no gemstone
charm necklacer


build charm necklace


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