Art Deco, Women's Liberation through Fashion, Paris 1925

Art Deco, Women's Liberation through Fashion, Paris 1925

Art Deco style, with symmetrical lines and geometric pattens, is a modern look that emerged from the Jazz Age. This Modern style combined bright colors with metallic chrome, first popularized Paris International Exposition of Decorative Arts in 1925. The event signaled a move away from soft flowery Victorian and Edwardian fashion into strong, angular, modern wear for women. The fair took place in 1925 in Paris from April to October, with designer Jeanne Lanvin as a major artistic contributor. 

We tend to think about Women's liberation as political and economic. Fashion is intimately involved. Art Deco fashion came without the physical restrictions of previous styles. Combining avant-garde art, Futurism, Cubism, the exotic, neoclassical and geometric sensibilities. Victorian and Edwardian styles with constraints of boned corsets, low shouldered, tight-sleeved dresses that restricted movement. The Jazz Age brought relaxed, loose fitting clothes that no longer necessitated the use of a corset and other strenuous undergarments. Now people could dance. 

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