Customize Your Journey Charm Necklace

Each of us is on our own journey. Choose from our collection of ancient symbols, powerful motifs and whimsical designs to celebrate your individual story. Our swivel hooks and chain choices allow you to collect and customize your jewelry to meet your mood and style. Easy as 1-2-3.
Our selection of charms and pendants is available solo
- just with a jump ring ready to wear.
Remember you can enjoy all our charms individually on your layering chains and wear them in endless combinations on your journey necklace. 
With four chain options in lengths from 16" - 28" you can create the perfect set of layering necklaces and the perfect journey necklace. Customize with our signature Hammered Circlets and add a Pocket Watch Swivel Hook for interchangeable options. 
Choose from eight gemstone options to add color and meaning to your necklace. 
Add a note to your card during checkout to leave us any instructions about which charm to place the gemstone or any other notes. 
Here are more examples to inspire you!