Build Your Journey Charm Necklace

Each of us is on our own journey. Build an opera length charm necklace that tells your story. Wear long or double for a layered look!

Step 1: Select your metal and chain.

  • 1. Choose Gold OR Silver with Classic OR thicker Ornate chain.

Step 2: Select your centerpiece:

  • C1 Hibiscus Vintage Teaspoon
  • C2 Poppy Vintage Teaspoon
  • C3 Columbine Vintage Teaspoon
  • C4 Redwood Tree Vintage Teaspoon
  • C5 Bay Bridge Vintage Teaspoon
  • C6 Oakland Vintage Teaspoon
  • C7 Golden Gate Bridge Vintage Teaspoon
  • C8 Vintage Keyhole (available in bronze only)