ANTIQUITY Collection

About the ANTIQUITY Collection

The ANTIQUITY collection is a line of luxury keepsakes inspired by the Classical world. Each one of a kind creation is made with authentic Victorian, Edwardian and antique heirlooms from 1840-1930 set on antique watch chains, adorned with gemstones, Swarovski crystal and pearls. 

The excavation of ancient sites in Pompeii, Herculaneum and Egypt in the mid 1700s influenced art, jewelry and fashion from Italy to England. Carved jasper, onyx, carnelian and shell became popular with the revival of Classical themes. When Napoleon placed ancient Roman cameos on his 1804 coronation crown, he began a trend that has continued until today. Greek, Roman, and Etruscan symbols including serpents, crescents, carved stone signets and mythological heroes appeared in jewelry from 1830 - 1900. Their symbolism and elegance is timeless.

The ANTIQUITY collection is available exclusively through our direct shop, Dark Garden Corsetry and Modern Eden in San Francisco, California.